Power Rangers:Swappz MegaBrawl

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Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBraw

Description of Power Rangers:Swappz MegaBrawl

Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl
Your Power Rangers come alive in Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl. Battle waves of Loogies on the beach, in the cities and over the deserts of Planet Earth to protect the citizens of the world.

Choose your favorite Power Ranger to start the game. Scan Swappz Power Ranger collectible characters to ensure you have the backup needed to conquer Creepox, Vrak and Metal Alice.

The Rangers’ signature weapons and finishing moves will help you power through this adventure. Stun enemies with the Tiger Claw, gain immunity with the Snake Axe, recover instantly using the Megazord or knock out your challengers using the ultimate Dragon Sword.

Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl is a classic game pitting good against evil. Only you can determine the ending!


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Power Rangers:Swappz MegaBrawl

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