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Create the hottest club ever!“Forget res

Description of Nightclub City

Create the hottest club ever!

“Forget restaurants, cities and malls, Nightclub City takes players to the more exciting world of nightlife parties, giving them the power to create their own clubs.” – Inside Social Games

Nightclub City, named the #1 game on by Inside Social Games and played by nearly 20 million people, is now available on your mobile phone.

Play Nightclub City and see if you have what it takes to create one of the hottest clubs around.

★ Manage staff, keep the music bumping, bar stocked, and popularity up.

★ Work as a DJ ing various music sets to get your club goers dancing.

★ Throw a Ladies Night, Disco Dance Party, or a Rick Rollin 80s night.

★ Add leather lounges, flashy lights, glowing dance floors, and other décor to create a unique atmosphere.


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Nightclub City

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