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Mad O Ball 3D Outerspace

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Game introduction

Did you enjoy Mad O Ball 3D?

Finally you can race the new space levels !

An exciting arcade game of races against time to play forever on your Droid with PocketChange !

Awesome 3D graphics, excellent music and sound effects and superb physics are the winning key for this great game.

Be ready and stay balanced!


– 8 challenging levels with new tricks and obstacles

– Superb real-time physics

– New kind of camera views from side and from back

– Get pass the levels with different racing styles

– Accelerometer and touch screen controls

– Vibration bounce feedback

– Accelerated 3rd generation OGL ES 2.0 graphic

– Original music and funny sound effects

– OpenFeint global leaderboards and achievements


Movement: tilt gently the device in the 4 directions to guide the ball.

Jump: make the ball jump by touching anywhere the screen, beware of bounces, when ball is in the air it will be harder to jump!

Calibration: touch gently the top right corner with the device flat, or in comfortable position

Hydrogen: you have a limited boost for each course, press the bottom left corner button to boost the speed!

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Mad O Ball 3D Outerspace

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