Legends of Runeterra Android Apk + Obb Download

Legends of Runeterra Android Apk + Obb Download

04.03.019 for Android
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In this strategy-focused card game, your

Description of Legends of Runeterra Android Apk + Obb Download

In this strategy-focused card game, your success is determined by skill rather than chance. You can mix and match legendary champions, allies, and regions from the world of Runeterra to unlock unique synergies between cards and strategically outplay your opponent.

Experience every moment with skill and strategy in this game, where gameplay is dynamic and constantly alternating. Both you and your opponent have the ability to react and counter. Choose from dozens of champion cards for your deck, each with a unique mechanic inspired by their original League of Legends abilities. These champions enter the battle as powerful cards and can level up to become even more epic if played smartly. Furthermore, you can level up your champions multiple times in-game and earn Champion Mastery crests the more you play.

There is always a new way to play as every champion and ally in the game comes from one of the regions of Runeterra. You can access a collection of cards from nine regions: Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover & Zaun, Ionia, Targon, Shurima, the Shadow Isles, and Bandle City. Explore how different champions and regions work together to give you unique advantages against your opponents. Combine, adapt, and experiment with frequent new releases in an always-evolving meta.

Choose your own path in PvE as each card you select will shape your journey. React to unique encounters, earn and equip power-ups, unlock new champions, and rise to new challenges as you move across the map. The enemies will grow stronger, but so will you – and you’ll discover different endings the more you play.

Play to win, not pay to win. You can earn cards for free or purchase exactly what you want with shards and wildcards – giving you full control of your card collection without having to pay for random packs of cards. While there’s the option to purchase specific champions, completing your collection without spending a cent is easily achievable. Whether you’re victorious or defeated, each battle brings experience and progress. You can choose which region you want to explore first and unlock the cards that call to you, changing regions as often as you like. As you advance, you’ll collect new allies, spells, and champions. Once a week, you can also unlock chests from the Vault. These chests level up the more you play, increasing the rarity of cards inside from common all the way up to epic. They can also contain wildcards, which can be turned into any card you want – no guessing required.

Draft and adapt with Labs, which are limited-time experimental strategic game modes focused on more extreme changes to the classic Legends of Runeterra formula. You can choose a pre-made deck with specific constraints, or bring your own. The rules are constantly changing, and sometimes you might need a little help from your friends! Go see what Heimerdinger is cooking up next.

Climb the ranks and at the end of every season, 1024 qualifying Ranked players on each of LoR’s four regional shards – Americas, Asia, Europe, and Southeast Asia – will be able to compete for pride, glory and a cash prize in the seasonal tournament.


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Legends of Runeterra Android Apk + Obb Download

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