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Grow your own virtual farm on a tropical

Description of Happy Farmer Cast away

Grow your own virtual farm on a tropical island! (Best game award 2012)

Stranded on a beautiful island you must manage your own virtual farm! Grow and fertilize crops, raise & care for farm animals and decorate your own tropical island!

Happy Farmer – Cast away is FREE casual gaming at its best: Play and earn experience, unlock new items, use helpful harvesting tools, grow delicious fruits, vegetables or unique flowers, raise farm animals, decorate your farm and over a dozen of challenging missions!

Compete worldwide against other players and review the global high score / leader board synchronously with each experience you earn while you play!

FEATURES with unlimited options:

COOL: Raise delicious crops, fruits, veggies, flowers, trees & animals on your own virtual farm island!

AMAZING: Take care of animals like cows, cats, birds, dogs, hens, sheep, gooses and many more

UNIQUE: Expand and grow your tropical farm island garden ranch with decorations and performance upgrades like harvesters, fertilizers or seeders!

ADDICTIVE: Plow, seed and harvest to gain experience and money! Unlock new crops, rare items, animals and great achievements every level!

FREE: Earn Coins and Diamonds to get dozens of seeds, animals and decorations!

MULTIPLAYER: Compare yourself in the worldwide highscore and see, if you can make it to become the top 1 farmer!

FREE UPDATES: Happy Farmer – Cast away will be frequently d with new crops, fruits, flowers, trees, buildings, decorations, animals, fish and so much more!

Information: The unique and casual tropical farm frenzy setting will scare all the angry birds from the island, if you manage to become nr. 1 in the global multiplayer highscore! This game is designed for all aged fans of role playing, simulation, “ville” and casual games. No matter, if you are a kid or adult – if you like free Android games you will love this farm game!

Forget Farm Story, Papaya Farm , Tap Ranch , Farm Frenzy , Farmville, Green Farm, My little Farm – Happy Farmer Cast Away is the best FREE mobile farming game on Android for people of both sex with user friendly interface and most appealing graphics.


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Happy Farmer Cast away

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