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The Google One app enables you to backup

Description of Google One app

The Google One app enables you to backup your phone and manage your Google account storage. You can backup essential items on your phone, such as photos, contacts, and messages, using the ?5GB of storage that comes with a Google account. In case you break, lose, or upgrade your phone, you can relax knowing that the things you care about are safe on the cloud.

In addition, you can view your storage across various Google services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, and easily free up space within the app with the storage manager. To get even more benefits, you can upgrade to a Google One membership.

With a Google One membership, you can get as much storage as you need for your memories, projects, and digital files by choosing a plan that suits you best. You can also get extra protection for your phone with a ? that encrypts your online activity and helps keep your personal information safe. Furthermore, if you have any queries or need assistance, you can access exclusive Google experts who are just a tap away.

Finally, you can share your storage with up to five additional people. This gives each person access to more storage from your plan, but they won’t have access to each other’s files.


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Google One app

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