AfreecaTV App Download

AfreecaTV App Download

6.23.1 for Android
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You can enjoy a range of live content, i

Description of AfreecaTV App Download

You can enjoy a range of live content, including Mukbang, K-pop, and esports, on your device!

Share your talents and hobbies, whether it’s gaming or late-night meal Mukbang.

AfreecaTV has made Live streaming easier than ever before.

You can chat with your favorite streamer as you watch pro gamers compete, from Afreeca Freecs on League of Legends to GSL and ASL.

If you’re not interested in games, you can still enjoy the platform by watching other people’s talents, or maybe even stream your own hobbies!

AfreecaTV allows you to easily stream on both your PC and mobile devices.

We made searching for Live streams and VODs easier on AfreecaTV, thanks to our vast selection of content.

If you already have your favorite streamers, you can watch their Live streams, VODs, and highlighted clips on AfreecaTV.

Thanks to the AfreecaTV app, Live streaming has never been easier. You can stream from your mobile phone anytime and anywhere you want.

You can directly stream from your Android devices with the AfreecaTV app.

If you’re an artist or a gamer, you can share your talents by using the Screen Capture mode on the AfreecaTV app to stream.

You can Live stream your mobile activities by using the Go LIVE>Stream with Screen Capture feature on the AfreecaTV app.

You can use the Pop-out Player feature on the AfreecaTV app to enjoy your stream while sending text messages.

You can make In-app Quick View purchases on AfreecaTV to enter full rooms and watch streams in the highest resolution available.

On AfreecaTV, you can:

1.Watch on-the-go via Radio Mode

2.Choose from diverse stream quality options

3.Stream with your front and back camera

4.Live chat with streamers

5.Send creative and fun emoticons

6.Use Standby Mode for connectivity issues

7.Receive alerts when your favorite streamers go LIVE

8.Become a fan club member and VIP for exclusive perks

9.Conveniently search for your preferred content and events

10.Organize favorite Live streams and VODs

11.Access the Personalized VOD section.

AfreecaTV is an interactive platform that connects you with the world and your surroundings.

AfreecaTV can turn your dreams and hobbies into a career and allow you to freely share your experiences with others.


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AfreecaTV App Download

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